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Apr 26, 2024 (Fri) Dirigible Brewing 6-9pm
Hip Anonymous

Jun 1, 2024 (Sat)  Blue - Portland Maine
Mr PC's Neo Fusion Orchestra

Jul 12, 2024 (Fr) Exhibit A Brewing 7-9pm
Mr PC's Neo Fusion Orchestra

Aug 31, 2024 (Sa) Hudson Town Hall green
Mr. PC's Neo Fusion Orchestra

Feb 10, 2023 (Fr) Clover Road Brewing Hudson 7pm Biscuit Bandits

Mar 17, 2023 (Fr) Birch Tree Bread Co Worcester 6pm Biscuit Bandits

Mar 31, 2023 (Fr) Dirigible Brewing Littleton 7pmThe Roswell Incident

Jun 3, 2023 (Sa) Stow Springfest
Paul Cummings Five'Tet

July 6, 2023 (Th) Clover Road Brewing Hudson
Allison Kussman/Paul Cummings Duo

July 15, 2023 (Sa) NOLA Cajun Kitchen W. Boylston
The Squid Rush Quo'Tet

Aug 12, 2023 (Sa) Hudson Town Green 6-9pm
The Roswell Incident

Aug 25, 2023 (Fr) Exhibit -A Brewing Framingham 7pm
Hip Anonymous

Sep 22, 2023 (Fr) Dirigible Brewing Littleton 7pm
Hip Anonymous

Sep 23, 2023 (Sa) Blue - Portland ME.
The Paul Cummings Airforce

Nov 22, 2023 (We) Black Sheep Bah Bah Q Worcester 8pm
The Jim Brooks Band

Dec 8, 2023 (Fr) Doubletree Hilton Westboro
Duane Rawls Focus Band - private party


2022 Dates - Hip Anonymous except where noted

Mar 10 (Th) The Raven Worcester -
The Normal Brothers

Mar 18 (F) Ground Effect Brewing Hudson  - The Normal Brothers

Mar 27 (Su) Frolic and Detour (Acton)  

Apr 2 (Sat) Harvard General Store pub night 

Apr 16 (Sat) Frolic and Detour (Acton) 

May 13 (F) Ground Effect Brewing Hudson -
The Normal Brothers

May 20 (F) Exhibit A Framingham 

Jun 23 (Th) Hudson Town Hall Lawn  - Paul Cummings Fo'Tet

Jul 10 (Sun) Sanctuary Maynard  - The Normal Brothers

Aug 26 (Fr) Harvard General Store 

Sep 8 (Th) Hudson Town Hall Lawn  - The Normal Brothers

Oct 2 (Sun) Sanctuary Maynard 7:30pm - The Normal Brothers

Oct 28 (Fr) Clover Road Brewing Hudson 7pm -  Pandemonium Brothers

Dec 7 (W) Electric Haze Worcester 8:30pm
Biscuit Bandits

Dec 11 (Su) Frolic + Detour 12:30-3:30
Hip Anonymous

previous dates:
Beatnik's  Worcester 7/14/2016 9pm
Pho Dakao Framingham 7/22/2016 8pm
Lily Pad Cambridge 8/11/2016 7pm
Middle East Cambridge 8/18/2016 10pm
Gardner Ale House Gardner 8/25/2016 9pm
Pho Dakao Farmingham 10/14/2016 8pm
Beatnik's Worcester 10/15/2016 9pm
Pho Dakao 9/23/2017 
Pho Dakao 5/18/2018
Pho Dakao 1/25/2019
SpringFest Stow 5/18/2019 
Pho Dakao 8/30/2019
Pho Dakao Framingham 1/10/2020
Driveway Concert Stow 6/28/2020
Sanctuary Maynard 10/28/2021
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